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Explore Our Taco Catering Tastings Experience!

Thank you for considering our world-famous taco catering service. We are thrilled to introduce our new tasting experience for up to 5 guests, bringing the delicious flavors of our tacos directly to your location.

Here's how it works:

1. Scheduling:
   Contact us to schedule a tasting for your group. We'll coordinate a time that suits you best.

2. On-site Cooking:
   Our skilled cook arrives 30 minutes before set up with a custom propane taco cart. This set-up mirrors what you can expect for your actual event if you decide to book our services.

3. Q&A with the Cook:
   The cook will be happy to answer any questions you have about the food. Please note that they won't provide information on prices, logistics, or permits.


4. Intimate Setting:
   Enjoy the unique experience of tasting our exceptional tacos in an intimate setting.

5. Serving Time:
   Your guests will be served for 1 hour, savoring the flavors of our signature taco options.

6. Decision Time:
   At the end of the tasting, you have the option to place a deposit for your main event or take the time needed to make your decision.

Tasting Menu Options:
   Choose 3 out of these 5 options:
   - Carne Asada
   - Chicken
   - Hawaiian Pork (Al Pastor)
   - Grilled Veggies
   - Chorizo

Toppings and Sides:
   Customize your tacos with:
   - Chopped Onion
   - Chopped Cilantro
   - Lime
   - Red Salsa
   - Green Salsa
   - Grilled Onions
   - Grilled Jalapeños
   - Corn Tortillas
   - Mexican Style Red Rice
   - Pinto Beans (Refried or Pot Style)

Additional Options:
   You can include premium meats and other items from our full menu for an additional fee, as displayed on our comprehensive menu.


   The cost for this delightful tasting experience is $200 + tax.

Ready to embark on a taco-tasting journey? Contact us to schedule your tasting and let the flavors speak for themselves.

We look forward to catering to your taco desires!

Best regards,

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