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We have always innovated the taco catering business, especially when it comes to cleanliness, employee hygiene, and food safety.

During these Hard Times going on with Covid-19, we have taken extra steps beyond the guidelines set by the LA County Health Department and CDC. We feel confident we can keep our employees, cooks, and customers safe. Below are a few examples of new Rules we have implemented for our Business


  • All Kitchen/Office/Chefs Wear Medical Grade Masks At all times

  • Kitchen & Chef Staff are required to wear Gloves at all times.

  • All Kitchen/Office/Chefs are required to have post-Covid-19 current Serve Safe certification

  • Our Warehouse is completely sanitized Daily 2 Times

  • Catering Grills and Equipment are sanitized and sealed or Plastic wrapped.

  • Employees with any symptoms are asked to not come in and inform us right away

  • Constant Fever Monitor checks on all Staff

We are committed to the safety of our customers and Staff

TacoMan Update

Different Serving Options

We now have the following

  • Our Famous Cooked On-Site

We set up anywhere for you and cook our delicious Tacos in front of your guest on our special grills

  • Cooked Delivery

Delivered to you still warm and ready to eat Buffet Style

  • Plate Delivery

Similar to our Regular Delivery we now offer this option where we set plates with 3 tacos rice & beans and all the condiments pre-packaged individually.

  • Taco Kits / Cook yourself

Starting at $60! Great for a small family taco night

  • Drive-Up Taco Cart

Great for large-sized events and block party's, we set up anywhere you like and serve people in the safety of there car

  • Special Request

Let us know your situation, and I'm sure we can accommodate our service.

Office: 213-739-1009

Monday - Friday

  • 7AM - 10PM


  • 7AM -12AM




  • (323) 989-1038


  • (626) 642-6334

Chef Edwin has honed his skills extending from various restaurants from French, Italian, Latin and vegetarian cuisine. His passion lies on marrying all his knowledge of flavors in world cuisine through Mexican style street food, the team & Chef Edwin are taco connoisseurs!




  • 24 HOURS A DAY

  • 365 DAYS A YEAR