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We have always innovated the taco catering business, especially when it comes to cleanliness, employee hygiene, and food safety.

During these Hard Times going on with Covid-19, we have taken extra steps beyond the guidelines set by the LA County Health Department and CDC. We feel confident we can keep our employees, cooks, and customers safe. Below are a few examples of new Rules we have implemented for our Business


  • All Kitchen/Office/Chefs Wear Medical Grade Masks At all times

  • Kitchen & Chef Staff are required to wear Gloves at all times.

  • All Kitchen/Office/Chefs are required to have post-Covid-19 current Serve Safe certification

  • Our Warehouse is completely sanitized Daily 2 Times

  • Catering Grills and Equipment are sanitized and sealed or Plastic wrapped.

  • Employees with any symptoms are asked to not come in and inform us right away

  • Constant Fever Monitor checks on all Staff

We are committed to the safety of our customers and Staff

TacoMan Update


Different Serving Options

We now have the following

  • Our Famous Cooked On-Site

We set up anywhere for you and cook our delicious Tacos in front of your guest on our special grills

  • Cooked Delivery

Delivered to you still warm and ready to eat Buffet Style

  • Plate Delivery

Similar to our Regular Delivery we now offer this option where we set plates with 3 tacos rice & beans and all the condiments pre-packaged individually.

  • Taco Kits / Cook yourself

Starting at $60! Great for a small family taco night

  • Drive-Up Taco Cart

Great for large-sized events and block party's, we set up anywhere you like and serve people in the safety of there car

  • Special Request

Let us know your situation, and I'm sure we can accommodate our service.