Amy Delgado " the taco lady"

The inspiration for this Website:


Hello everyone,


My name is Amy and I would like to introduce everyone to and tell you how this website came to be and how much it has helped others.


I had been planning my baby girl first birthday party and I wanted a food option there for the adults that would be attending my event. Typically I personally would take care of the food, however with so much to do and so little time I had to get food elsewhere so I can focus on other aspects of my event. I decided on choosing a taco bar because everyone loves great tacos. I did what anyone typically would do and got on google and searched taco catering. I picked the option that suited my needs and booked their services.


Finally, my special day for my little girl had arrived. My pizza arrived for the kids but my tacos were not here. I didn't think much at first because caterers are notorious for running late if anyone has ever ordered catering. I gave the company I hired a call and they told me the caterers were on their way and to rest assured. Two hours passed and my tacos were not here. I kept calling over and over and I would not get my phone calls answered. Finally, I got someone to pick up the phone and they informed me that no one was going to arrive at my event. Their excuse was they overbooked themselves and they were hoping they would have someone to work my event last minute. At that point, I was so heartbroken and I instantly broke down crying.


They had ruined my little girl's birthday party and I was so embarrassed to show my face at my own party. My guest had to all eat pizza like the children. I wanted to instantly fall off the face of the earth because I was so embarrassed; I was so devastated. To make things worse, I tried calling the company the next day to ask for my deposit back since no tacos ever arrived. They told me that deposit is nonrefundable. Of course, I would not stand for this and asked to speak to a supervisor. They asked for my information and they told me he was going to call me directly as soon as he had time. Not only did they not call me, they blocked me from their phone lines and their email. I could not get my money back and I was left with such a horrible feeling. I could not let anyone else go through what I had gone through.


From the ashes of my disaster of a party, was born. While going through many reviews I realized I was not the only one that has gone through what I had been through. I decided to make this website so no other person would go through what I went through. I hope to save people from what I had gone through.

Sad Story behind the Website 

Resides: Cerritos

Born: Houston Texas " Go Long Horns "